Sunday, March 16, 2008

Books and Authors

Marriage in India - Louis Dumont
Dowry in Hindu marriage - Louis Dumont
Family in India - David Mandelbaum
Polyandry in Kota society - David Mandelbaum
Brahmin Kinship in Tamil Village- Kathleen E Gough
Kinship and social organization - W.H.P Rivers
History of Human marriage - Westermarck
Modern Introduction to the family - Bell and Vogel
The family - W.J Moore
Family and Kinship among pandits of Kashmir - T.N Madan
Marriage and family in India - K.M Kapadia
Rural Family Patterns - K.M Kapadia
Hindu Kinship - K.M Kapadia
The death of Family - David Cooper
Hindu Joint family - K.M Kapadia
Family and kin in Indo-European culture- G.S Ghurye
Traditional Indian family - M.S Gore
Kinship organization in India - Irawati Karve
Elementary structure of Kinship - Levi Strauss
The Family - Burgess and Locke

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