Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some of terms and the theorists

Animism- Tylor
Animatism- Marett
Anomie- Durkheim, Merton
Achieved and Ascribed role- Linton
Barbarism- Morgan
Cultural lag- Ogburn
Cultural Relativism- Herskovitz
Cultural reproduction- Bourdien
Culturalization - Kluckhon
Ethnology- J.S Mill
Essentialism- Karl Popper
Eugenics- Francis Galton, Karl Pearson
Gesselschaft and Gemeinschaft- Earl Bell
Quasi Group- Ginsberg
Primary and Secondary group- Cooley
Positive and Negative Group- Newscomb
Membership& Non- membership group- Merton
Marginal Man- Adorno
Status situation- Lockwood
Status Symbol- Pack and Bourdien
Structuralism- Levi Strauss
Structuration- Anthony Giddens
Status Set- Merton
Status sequence- Merton
Relative Deprivation- Stouffer, Merton
Role Distance- Goffmann
Roleset- Merton
Patterns of culture- Ruth Benedict
Ethos- Kroeber
Primary and Secondary deviance- Lemert
Theory of Moral development- Piaget
Social distance- Bogardus
Social Position- A.R.Brown
Societal System- A.G Keller
Sociography- F.Tonnies Sociometry- J.L Moreno
Spiralist- Bell
Social Character- Eric Fromm
Social Fact- Durkheim
Differential Association Theory- Sutherland

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